Where is the default GazePlay folder?

Windows C:\Users\<username>\GazePlay
MacOS /Users/<username>/GazePlay
Linux /home/<username>/GazePlay

How can I add my own Images to GazePlay?

In a folder of your choice, create a folder called images.

images can have 3 sub-folders:

  • portraits: images used by creampie, ninja and portrait bubbles. Images should be small (300×300 pixels).
  • magiccards: images used by magic cards. You can use all image sizes.
  • blocs: images used by blocks and scratchcard. Choose big images, preferably the same size as the screen.

You can change the image folder within GazePlay in the configuration menu, so you can have as many image folders as you like.

Adding custom games to Where Is It?

Follow these steps to find the Where Is It folder on your computer, and add your own custom games:


In Explorer, navigate to ‘My PC’. Click on the C:/ Drive
C Drive
Click on ‘Users’, then select your username.
GazePlay folder
In your user folder, you should find the GazePlay folder. Click to open it.
Where Is It folder
In GazePlay folder, you should find the where-is-it folder. Click to open it.

Before adding your photos, you’ll need to create a questions file. To do this, open some spreadsheet software, like Excel or Google Sheets. Then, fill a table such as the example below:

  pictos eng
bathtub bathtub.png Where is the bathtub?
biscuit biscuit.png Where is the biscuit?
bus bus.png Where is the bus?

The first column is the name of the folders you’ll add, the pictos column is the name of the image file in that folder, and eng represents the english translation of the question to ask the player. You can change this from eng to another language if you want - the game will choose the right translation for your chosen language. Supported languages are: alb, ara, chn, deu, ell, eng, fin, fra, hrv, ind, ita, jpn, pol, por, zsm, nld, rus, spa, vnm

Remember to save your spreadsheet as questions.csv and place it in the where-is-it folder.

Click on ‘images’
Here, place all your images in categorised folders. One folder per type of image you wish to add.
Mon PC
Then, if you want to play a sound when a question is displayed, go back and click on ‘sounds’
Mon PC
Place all your sounds (for example .mp3 files) in this folder and give them the same name as the one you gave to the associated images folder.

How can I create a shortcut on Windows?

  1. Locate gazeplay-windows.bat in the /bin folder in your GazePlay installation folder.
  2. Right-click on gazeplay-windows.bat and select create a shortcut.
  3. Move the shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Double-click on the shortcut to launch GazePlay.

I’m clicking on gazeplay-windows.bat but it doesn’t work. Why?

You may see an error message stating that you don’t have a Java Virtual Machine on your computer. To fix this, check that there is a jre folder in your GazePlay installation folder. If there is not, you will need to redownload the latest version of GazePlay.

If you experience any other problems, send an email to didier.schwab@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr or raise an Issue with our Developers directly